It is our goal to breed and raise the very best curs in the U.S. and Canada. We care about our dogs  very much.  We are not a puppy factory. Our dogs must be a proven worker before we breed. We are happy to see our dogs go to good homes but we always feel a sadness to see them leave our kennel here at Big Sky Curs. Here at Big Sky Curs, our dogs are family. We want to be as honest as we can about our dogs, or a dog. We don't sell a dog just to sell one. We want you to know what you are getting, and most of all, we want you to be happy with BSC and your new dog.
At our kennel, we raise Black Mouth Curs and  Treeing Curs. Both are very good working and sound dogs. We look forward to serving you!!

Our Goals

Provide the best dogs possible for hunting, decoying and just being a family pet.

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