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 I got my puppy from Big Sky Curs.  It didn't take me long to realize

what I had.  Dan is very smart, fast and very loyal.  Dan now, all grown

up, still has the same qualities.  Dan likes cows, hates coyotes. Dan

will run down coyote and hold till I get there. Dan can run 25 MPH for

five miles!  Above all this DAN is a very loyal family member!! 

    These are very good Curs at Big Sky Curs!


Bill Dalton

Minnersville, UT


We went to Denny's home in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains.

He had many dogs and it was so nice and clean and the dogs well

cared for.  We decided then and there we wanted one of his dogs.

He called us when the next litter was born.  We had him pick one

out and keep her until she was old enough to come live with us.

Bridger arrived a few months later. We fell in love with her. She

is well mannered and smart!  She is a good hunter, a great pet

with a sweet disposition. Birdger was extremely easy to train. She

lives in the house with us! (I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD KEEP A

DOG IN THE HOUSE) We LOVE Bridger and wouldn't trade her for

the world! Everyone that meets her wants to know what kind of

dog she is and where can they get one.


Donna, Rex and Austin Rogers

Colstrip, Mt



Bo is a Great Family Dog! She has a great sense of smell. Bo leaves

our farm animals alone. (chickens and pigs) Bo will help us move the

pigs to different pens. We don't hunt Bo but we began taking her

last winter looking for moose sheds. (wow) This winter the snow has

been quite deep. Bo has found sheds 16" under the snow. Bo's strong

points are family and finding Moose Sheds!


The Porters & Bo

Northern Idaho



    These dogs have sure made my job easier and it's a joy to watch

them work! To see them decoying a coyote, to watch their ability to

track on trail, to see them use their nose, eye and ears. These dogs

have brains!

    Their temperment is great, so easy going and gentle around people.

When it comes to working coyote it's a sight to behold. Kane has a

great nose for tracking and has found lots of coyote that would have

been impossible for me to find! Brutus also has a good nose but uses the

air current to scent. Both dogs are agressive when working a wounded


    In my opinion these dogs make great companions and are excellent

coyote dogs!  Thanks Dennis.


Ian Esson

Saskatchewan, Canada



Hey Denny,

    Bat is a great dog. He is so keyed in on the bear scent and has

taught himself about raccoons.

Unless I'm crazy...Bat can smell a bear while we are driving down the

road....he will suddenly go to barkin' and carrying on for some distance

and then stop.  On the way back he will bark at the same spot.  Bat is

a great friend. Bat works bears well...I believe Bat would do what he had

to protect me in work and pleasure.


Kevin Frey

South West Montana




Little Frankie is doing really well at working coyote at 7 mo. old.  She has

went to a coyote howling at 300 yards and barked in coyote's face then

came back to me.  I believe she is going to be a good dog.


Joe Carpenter

Northern Montana



Hi Denny and Mary Ann          

   Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you! We are so

excited about getting one of your BMC's. Steven told me yesterday

when we were leaving your kennel that it was not the dogs that

convinced him for me to give you a deposit for a puppy. He said it

was meeting you guys and seeing that you are good people.  He really

enjoyed talking with you Denny, So thank you Big Sky Curs!

    Hope to hear from you soon.





Hey Denny,

I have been meaning to call or write, but dang work will not let up.  As you will see in the photo, Bat has made himself pretty darn special.....again.  The photo  is from the next morning.

It is a long story, but Bat may have saved me from a wreck with a lion.  The lion was 12-15 feet from me under a bush in the yard. I was sitting in a chair talking on the phone. A slight rustle and Bat explodes like a bomb and dives into the bush.  I hear crashing through the trees/brush to the corral.  Bat is down there barking then doing the silent run circles....poor dog, I finally decide I had better wander down to see what he has.  I walk (barefoot) around the shed (it is nearly dark), Bat is barking and running right at me, I take one more step and HISS-GROWL(you know the sound) and a lion jumps past my shoulder into a tree.  The lion is growling and breaking branches, looks like it will jump, which Bat has no fear and I am afraid he will latch onto the cat.  I run to the house and grab the .22 that is laying on the sidewalk.  I had just scared a coyote off. Not the gun of choice, but it was handy.  I winged the cat through the branches/leaves and it bails, falling through the roof of an old shed.  Bat is on it.  Lion explodes up through the roof on the other side.  Barking, crashing, silence.  "Damn, now I have a wounded lion!" After quite a bit of thrashing around through the brush and finally figuring out what Bat is trying to tell me.  Bat had ended up back on the lawn barking and looking up in the cottonwood trees.  I would look and tell him that I could not see anything.  I was in the tall grass looking in the little creek....a little bit tense when the cat is winged and it is dark.  Bat is barking like crazy above me, on the lawn/bank of the creek.  I am next to a twisted old elm tree.  I take one more step and look up.  There it is standing on a branch looking straight down on me about 6-8 feet up.  I admit, I flinched a little.  I quickly threw up the .22 and took a shot at the cat's head, it was stunned....2 more quick pops under the throat and the cat starts slipping clawing down the tree.  Lion hits the ground and Bat has it by the shoulders, then grabs the belly/flank.  The lion was kicking wildly with its back legs and ol'  Bat just turned his head sideways and pressed down on the lion and did not let go until it died.  He was tuckered....the event lasted nearly an hour.  He was so proud, he laid right next to the lion and I had to beg him to come in.  First thing in the morning he was back down laying by that cat, watching for anything that might show up.  I was rather wound up and took forever to fall asleep that night.

The next night I took him to town and bought him a big cheeseburger for supper.  I love that dang dog....thanks a million, he has been amazing with his instincts and abilities.


Kevin F.


 Big Sky Curs,                                                                                                                                                                               

    Just wanted to say thank you for Cody. She is such a beautiful dog. Cody is very quiet and mild around my house.

She loves kids, Cody checks them over and then tender licks them. Cody is very protective of me, someone she

doesn't know she stays very close to me. Sometimes gets between me and other person if she doesn't know them.

She doesn't bark much in house, when she does there is something (a person,dog) in my yard or porch. She has alerted

me way before door bell. When I am camping, hiking or cross country skiing Cody is right there. She never runs off,

Cody is all business, like a body guard. The other day while hiking in the foot hills, Cody stood on her hind legs with her

nose in the air. She ran up the trail ahead of me, 250 yards ahead she was barking. When I got there Cody had a large

Mountain Lion up the tree. It would have been a close encounter if not for Cody. I just want to thank you for breeding

Black Mouth Curs such as Cody. I will enjoy many years with her, she is such a loving family member.


Hope        SW Montana



       Brutus is such an amazing dog and he is still just a puppy! He is so smart and such a great family dog. Honestly, he is everything I ever

  wanted in a dog/companion. Eveywhere we go, people ask what kind of dog he is and always comment about what a beautiful dog he

   is. He loves people, especially kids, and I am making sure he is socialized with other dogs as well. I could go on and on about what a

   tremendous dog Brutus is. At less than 5 months ols I can already see qualities in him that I've only hoped for in the other dogs I have

   had before. He wants to learn all the time so training him is easy and fun. Everyone in the family loves him but he is definitley MY Dog.

   Wherever I am is where he wants to be and I have to admit, I like that. Thank you so much for breeding dogs of this caliber. I think

    everone should have one of your dogs. I Love Love Love him. Thank you so much!

     Michelle, Denver, Co



   Boone at 7 months is definitely turning into a coyote dog, he bays & growls at them like none other.

I would have not gotten this coyote with out him as coyote came around through the timber.I am

very pleased with him so far, very smart and willing to please.

Tom, Central South Montana