Here at Big Sky Curs we raise strong and healthy

WeatherFord Bens line black mouth curs. Below are some of our stud dogs and a little more about what we offer.

Smoky Joe Bubba 999

Thoms' Tex's Vaquero

Montana Bounty Hunter

The offspring from these studs are easy to handle. Deversity is wide spread among our dogs they range from companions, hunters, and cow dogs. They are smart, fast, and agile and have a strong desire to please their owner. Our line here is WeatherFord Bens.

We use Headwaters Veterinary Services for our dogs. Kelly and Lisa Hall are very
knowledgeable of dogs and are very caring and personable as well. Kelly & Lisa keep our Curs healty, happy and put together They are located at 11370 Hwy 287, Three Forks, Mt. 59752  406-285-6672   We highly recommendthem. Our thanks to the Headwaters Veterinary Services